Energy surrounds and infuses us, positive energy but also negative one. You can influence the energy flow Qi and affect it in a way that harmony and vitality can come and prosper.

This happens by charging water with specific frequencies, virtually the water gets impregnated with a certain message – the message of balance and ease.

The Shen-Ion HarmoNIK® products are generated by Dr. Jes T. Y. Lim and charged energetically that way, that they contain exactly these beneficial oscillations and radiate them continuously.

The frequencies of the various Shen-Ion HarmoNIK® products were geared especially to its particular purpose.

  • Vital Water – for the direct energizing of drinking water and therefore for all fields of water utilization
  • Body & Soul – for the direct effect on cell tissue of man, animal and plant
  • Room & Building – for enrichening the vital energy in rooms what leads again to refreshing people

These Shen-Ion HarmoNIK® frequencies hit the cells of men, animals and plants. The water in the cells absorbs the message of harmony, pureness, balance and vitality, what contributes directly to the goal of every man:

Better quality of life