The Quality of Water

The subtle vitality of water can be shown in comparable experiments with frozen water drops.

Crystal Structure of Water Molecules Before and After the Activation

Samples of municipal water before the Shen-Ion HarmoNIK® vitalisation

Wasserkristalle vor Aktivierung

Vitalised with theShen-Ion HarmoNIK® Aqua-Vital

Wasserkristalle nach Aktivierung

The clearer crystal formation of the water after the activation shows the higher vitality that supports cell growth and regeneration. Similar crystal formations also appear in fresh mountain spring water and healing waters.

Wasserkristalle Beispiele

Leftmost you can see the crystal structure of ordinary tap water, in the middle the same water after the activation and the right picture shows the structure of water from the pilgrimage site Lourdes.

Pictures of Water Oscillations

The energetic quality of water becomes visible through pictures of water oscillations of frozen water samples.


The left picture shows oridinary water and the right one shows water oscillations after the vitalisation with a Shen-Ion HarmoNIK® Aqua-Vital. Harmonic structures and higher colour intensity illustrate the better energy quality of the water.

Improved Plant Growth


Basil showed stronger growth with vitalised water and more root formation (left), than with oridinary tap water (right).


Parsley also showed stronger growth and more root formation with vitalised water (left), than with ordinary tap water (right).