Tissue Vitaliser

Bild: Tissue Vitaliser

Natural Pureness instead of Electric Smog

  • Harmonisation of electric smog stress
  • Support on land revitalisation

Many people feel the health stressing effects of electric smog that, among others, arise as stress, petulance and nervousness. The permanent increase of electric devices in the direct environment needs an accessory that provides more harmony and pureness. For a modern life has not to be connected inevitably to its immanent disadvantages. This small item made of gold-plated brass balances disharmonic oscillations of electric devices and wiring and hence raises the vitality in electric smog stressed rooms. In addition to it, it can be used supportingly for land revitalisation as well.

Item number ESH-13025 Brass gold-plated, 130mm x 25mm 1280€, 19% VAT included

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