Food Vital / Love-Energy Plate

Bild: Food Vital / Love-Energy Plate

For Vital Enjoyment

  • Vitalisation of Dishes and Beverages
  • For private households and undertakings
  • For hotels, gastronomy, canteens, commercial kitchens, hospitals etc.
  • Energising of tableware and cutlery

This special aluminium plate with a diameter of 26cm is versatile to vitalise food beneficially. Either you put dishes for a short time on the plate or you place the plate itself in the larder or fridge. This way vitality becomes enjoyment in the true sense of the word. Its vitalising effect is intensified additionally through the integrated symbols.

Item number FP-2608

Aluminium, 247mm X 247mm X 3mm

450€, 19% VAT included

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