Vital-Energi Consultation

We give you advice to design and build your healthy home and working place to enhance and support your prosperity and success.

Bringing European healthy building quality standards with Qi-Mag Feng Shui, Tao-Geomancy and Building Biology to the world!

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Advantages of Vital-Energi® Buildings

  • The land below the house and the garden have a high vital energy. This supports a healthy and happy life of the occupants in houses and employees in commercial properties.
  • The surrounding as well as the interior rooms of the building have a harmonic ambiance and support the sense of wellbeing plus the health of the occupants.
  • Houses with the Vital-Energi ®- Quality Seal have an optimal circulation of air, which guarantees the best supply of vital energy in every room.
  • The harmful electromagnetic pollution within a Vital-Energi ®House is very low.
  •  The geopathic pollution (an important cause for degenerative diseases) is minimal
  •  Enhancement of happiness and success for the family
  • Above all the Vital-Energi ®Seal is an important assistance for recoverability and resale. The real property value is increased by the seal, which turns these buildings into good financial investments.

Healthy living environment, happy inhabitants, wealth and success