Feng Shui Mirror Foil

Bild: Feng Shui Mirror Foil

Harmonisation of Geobiological Stress

  • Radiation isolation within the meaning of Feng Shui
  • On water veins and fault lines
  • On historical burdens

This three-layered, environmentally recommendable special foil is easy to weld by hot air gun and universally applicable. In terms of the Feng Shui it serves as a reflection foil that insulates adverse terrestrial radiation. No matter if these negative influences come from water veins, fault lines or historical prior charges, the harmony of the building gets promoted basically due to energetical charge with beneficial Shen-Ion HarmoNIK® frequencies and the symbols Flower of Life and Venus-Flower. In addition to it, it carries all benefits of a usual vapour barrier.

Item number SF-5088

Aluminium/PE, roll 50 m², 50m x 1m

7,90 € / m², 19% VAT included

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